Upper Austrian business policy relies successfully on innovation by cooperation and competence. At the Mechatronics Cluster, we initiate and constantly support cooperation between companies. This means that you can successfully implement innovative ideas together:

Cluster cooperation projects
At least three companies (including small and medium-sized companies) work together on technology and organisation projects. The companies have available to them funding as well as the support of the Cluster in the form of a range of project management services.

National and EU funded Projects
The cooperation of companies and institutions working on the most varied subjects are supported by national and international grant schemes (funds from the EU, national and local governments) and assisted by the Cluster.

Special interest groups
Under the project management of the Cluster, companies work together in a special interest group on new subjects such as a new technology, to develop it further and make it more visible to target groups.

Experience exchange Meetings
A closed group of companies meets several times a year to exchange experience on a subject that has been jointly defined. The experience exchange meeting is organised and hosted by the Cluster.

Sales and internationalisation activities
The Cluster organises student trips, supplier days and joint trade fair stands for partner companies to make it easier to enter new markets.

Inter-company public relations
Mit Unterstützung des Clusters werden Medienkooperationen initiiert, gemeinsame Pressekonferenzen organisiert, Preise und Awards verliehen und gemeinsame Events durchgeführt.